Finally made a melted crayon art. Its an R in Ye olde font. Lol.

My new bracelet 😍 😍

All I can say is. DONT get on 23 north.


My brother and I’s dinner.

So me and my brother really just had chocolate tacos… #yum


if I was thinner would you have me then
my bones peeking sharply through my skin
you’d wrap your fingers twice round my wrist
fit your arms on my waist whenever we kiss
if I was thinner would you cherish me
hold my hand and let people see
how lovely and small of a girl I can be
you’d perish the thought of leaving me

if i was thinner would you have loved me

Well …

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My latest Michael’s haul.

From the top right.
Sculpey III Fuchsia Pearl
Sculpry III  515 Violet
Sculpey III 1216 spring lilac
Sculley III 513 purple
2nd row:
Sculley III 053 chocolate
Premo! 5053 Burton Umber
Sculpey III 1113 Glow in the dark

The decorating tips are by Wilson #14 #18 #21

Made my first #decoden phone #case

Wtf tumblr. No I don’t think I’ll update.


Just made it! It was #delicious

I made Pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing.

*sucks in massive amount of hair trying to calm the sudden rush of feels*

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